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MP3 Stream Creator 2.0

A simple and smart tool that converts mp3s to SWFs easily
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Are you looking for a program with which you can create streaming audio to play on your website? If so, then MP3 Stream Creator is the perfect tool for you. This is a small program which allows you to convert MP3 to SWF. With this tool you can now add streaming audio to your web site and make it more appealing. This tool is highly configurable and allows you to set frame rate, output directory, output file name and stream format like 160kbps-11khz, 56kbps-22khz etc. It also allows you to create looped SWFs. With this tool one can also create nice audio control buttons in flash movie format and place them onto his web page to launch the playback. One of the coolest features of MP3 Stream Creator is that it supports batch conversion. It allows you to convert multiple files and save the list of files in .mscprj format which you can load to the program for processing. MP3 Stream Creator is fast and easy to use and has a very simple interface. The latest version is compatible with Windows Vista and includes a few bug fixes. Interestingly, this useful conversion program is free to try.

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  • Compatible with most Windows OS
  • Supports batch conversion of MP3 to SWF and WAV to SWF
  • Drag-and-drop operation
  • User friendly
  • Provides nice audio controllers in flash movie format
  • Allows adjusting the frame rate of SWF and supports looped SWFs


  • Does not support for Linux OS and Mac OS
  • Not free
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